Weekly Meetings

Some things never change – and they never should. In-person meetings are at the core of what we do, and who we are, as an organization. TOPS was built on peer-to-peer gatherings, and we intend to keep it this way. If you’d rather join online, that’s an option, too!

All the Best Resources

A bimonthly members-only magazine, delivered right to your doorstep; a “My Day One” guide to help you get started; a digital health library; medical experts offering webinars; fitness guides, recipes and more – with TOPS, you’ll have it all.

The Chance to Take Your Life Back

We’ll teach you how to eat with the Exchange System. You’ll take in a wealth of knowledge and make lasting connections at one of our retreats. And if you work the program and see success, we’d love to honor you at our annual recognition program(s). Not to mention, you’re saving your own life.

It’s weight loss, done right.

For 75 years, TOPS Club has helped people take off, and keep off, the weight. We’re all about doing things by the books – we have strong ties to the medical community, and believe in healthy living from the inside, out. It’s a holistic approach to wellness. No fad diets. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. With us, it all comes down to accountability, unwavering support and resources.


Are you …


  • Ready for a healthier lifestyle?
  • Feeling ignored by your current program?
  • Not getting the support that you need?
  • Not getting the support that you need?
  • Open to the idea of committing to yourself?
  • Craving a stronger network of people who have the same goals as you?
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Exercise Program
  • Perfect Plan

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, TOPS is ready for you. We were the first weight loss organization of this kind when we opened our “doors” in 1948. And we intend to stick around the longest. If you commit to us, we’ll commit to you.

Come Grow Old With Us!

Thinking about finding a meeting near your house or office? We offer thousands of meeting places across the U.S. and Canada, or, we invite you and some friends to start your own chapter. And on the off chance that you’re unable to find something that fits into your schedule, snuggle into your couch and join us online, from the comfort of your home. It’s as easy as this:

Take a Chance on YOU

As a nonprofit, we believe in keeping costs low, because we believe healthy living should be accessible to everyone. A deluxe membership is $79 in U.S. dollars, $89 in Canada, for an entire year, although we offer a variety of packages to match your budget. Your first in-person meeting is free.

Start Small

Get to know the members in your chapter, and little by little, you’ll likely want to start poking around on our website, reading your member magazine, attending events and learning how to eat right and exercise. Remember, the magic doesn’t happen overnight! Baby steps.

Live It, Breathe It, Own It

Soon enough, you’ll be sharing all the best recipes, joining your chapter’s leadership and spreading the word about TOPS. Our members who reach their goal are called KOPS, as they Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. We’d love to honor you in this role someday!

Pick Your Package

All prices are in U.S. dollars.


Year USD
Join as a new member and receive all the meetings, online resources, and exclusive member-only content mentioned above – plus, our deluxe weight-loss resources, including a 10-inch portion plate, a nearly-300-page book, “Real Life: The Hands-On Pounds-Off Guide,” a bonus gift, and more.


Year USD
Join as a new member and receive all the meetings, online resources, and exclusive member-only content mentioned above – along with our PLUS weight-loss resources, including the exchange cards and a holder, to help overhaul and simplify your eating.


Year USD
Join as a new member and receive all the meetings, online resources, and exclusive member-only content mentioned above – no extra bells and whistles; it’s the basic new member package: All the connections, gatherings, webinars and more, just without a few of the extras, for a lower price to match your budget.

Trends come and go, but there’s just something about a classic approach.

Healthy living doesn’t go in or out of style, so why does our methodology? After all, you know the true recipe: Fewer calories, more exercise, smarter decision-making, little habit-forming routines, gathering momentum over time. That’s the stuff that sticks. That’s what TOPS was built on. And we don’t have coaches or celebrity endorsements – we have each other. At TOPS, you’re in good hands. No judgment. Just people helping people.


A Taste of TOPS

7 Types of Hunger

“If we pause to really reflect on the type of hunger we’re experiencing at a certain moment, it may radically shift the food changes we make. (This made me think about) the seven types of hunger. What are they? And how do we know which kind we’re having?”  READ MORE

Anyone Can Be A TOPS Cheerleader!

“Dawn Hunt is behind the YouTube channel ‘Centsible Living With Money Mom,’ which boasts more than 31,000 subscribers. She’s also a new TOPS member, dropping regular reviews and feedback on her journey to better health.” READ MORE

The Periodic Table of TOPS

“One of my go-to statements when I have the opportunity to speak about TOPS is, ‘Weight loss is challenging, and you should never attempt it alone. Great accomplishments happen when a great TeAm is put together. TOPS’ overall philosophy is a TeAm approach.” READ MORE

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